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When asked to provide a cost estimate, we typically rely on the four-phased approach above, advancing to a new phase depending on the level of design detail available.

Along the way, we look to proactively uncover and share alternative methodologies - opportunities for a project to save time, resources, or capital.

Upon identification, we share how to optimize for factors like facility, season, budget, and regulations. Past examples include changes to installation sequencing, material use, or contract engagement.

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Phase 1

Historic figures applied to current project
Used as needed to give estimate w/ limited detail

Phase 2

When greater detail is available, refined estimate to keep cost estimation and plan development in sync
Trade contractor (e.g. electrical) estimates can be gathered within estimates as necessary

Phase 3

.Updated estimate report containing a detailed cost estimate (in the absence of construction documents)

Phase 4

Most sophisticated, most accurate estimate
Based on detailed blueprints and design specs

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