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Sustainable Construction Practices

Environmental stewardship for future generations is an important value at Watson-Forsberg. While we view sustainable practices as a responsibility, they also provide an opportunity for WF to distinguish itself in the market.

Our commitment to sustainability has been at the forefront of the construction industry. Highlight of our experience include:

1980s: Super-insulation and sealing of major air bypasses

1990s: Low-voc (volatile organic compound) and sustainable/recycled materials expertise; high-efficiency windows; lighting controls and other occupancy sensors; locally sourced stone/millwork; mechanical equipment energy optimization; water efficient landscaping; thermal storage (cooling systems that use ice made during off-peak power times)

2000s: LEED certification; geo-thermal heating and cooling systems; solar/alternative energy sources on-site; unique landscape strategies to reduce heat, control storm-water and preserve green spaces; natural rainwater filtration; incorporation of mass-transit, bicycle, and pedestrian

Before seeking to recycle, at Watson-Forsberg we first strive to avoid waste in the first place (through reduced reliance on packaging and new materials) or through material re-use, where appropriate.

At times, however, waste is inevitably created during the construction process. When materials are used, we take pride in meeting and exceeding goals for re-cycling and re-use during the construction.

And, importantly, we save our clients money in post-construction building operations through efficiencies that regularly exceed energy code requirements - another way we act as stewards of resources even when we are gone.

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